OJC's Club and Dealer Program

At OJC, we try to keep things as simple and secure as our patented products themselves when it comes to getting your MC or organization hooked up with emblematic sets of our plates.  And if you have a shop you want to promote by tagging your bikes/builds with your logo- or you just want to retail sets at your place- we make it easy to get the quantity and type of sets you feel work best for you at a wholesale price where everyone wins. 


Just shoot us an email at oldjimcustoms@gmail.com and tell us a little about your club or shop. Our team won't look at your numbers...or at YOU as a number...but as part of our growing family. We'll come up with a plan that works best for YOU and your merchandising format. 


With clubs and other motorcycle organizations, once the needed permission to get your emblem on sets is granted, we only do business through ONE channel; be it an individual chapter or a National admin. That way once a set leaves our shop, it's in that person's hands to distribute in whatever way works best for your club.  We know how much you all work to protect your colors- and we've found this to be the best way of ensuring that ONLY your members are getting sets with your emblem.