What the heck's a Head Plate?


Old Jim Customs was actually born in the mid nineties. I had a real sharp pick-up that I had done a lot of work on. I did some of the paintwork, designed the exhaust, etc. Naturally I started to tell every one that my truck was an 'Old Jim Custom.' ...and MAN that thing was hot! 

So hot, in fact, that it eventually caught fire and burned up- so I took the insurance check and bought a 1999 Harley Davidson. God's honest truth on how Old Jim Customs came to exist.

My sole mission at that time, and for the next couple of years, was to build a show winning bike. I had bought a set of head bolt covers, made of white metal, or something like that. To make a long story short, they looked like crap. In an attempt to make them look better, I decided to set them on a bed of chrome. I designed a piece of chrome plated billet aluminum, which covered the flat surface of the cylinder heads and went around the head bolts and sparkplug. And just like that, Old Jim Customs 'Head Plates' were born.

We received a patent for our pieces and began laser engraving them with almost anything a person could send us to engrave- along with various club emblems of all walks- and we even proudly became one of only a handful of license holders with the American Legion. Only recently did we acquire a method to provide a full-color image that stands up to the heat, elements...and general motorcycle debauchery. We're looking forward to sending you your OWN set! Let us know what we can get headed your way!


-'Old' Jim Burns