• Vietnam Veteran


    WE CAN'T EVER SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!! Over the years, we've had the absolute pleasure and honor of shaking so many hands that were PROUDLY attached to these colors. You all are some of the best America had and HAS to offer. Thank you for your service!! Product #45 on our list...and ironically on the 45th anniversary of coming home! 

    SKU: FC045

      Cut from billet aluminum, powder coated durable HD black to match the engine and a fully colorized, weather & heat resistant image imprinted on top... OJC Head Plates are the perfect way to show some pride on your ride. Easy peel-n'-stick installation with high temp acrylic 3M tapes come pre-fastened to ensure your plates will mount in minutes without the use of tools or fear of any damage to the cylinder heads if removed. 


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